Unveiling Excellence: Kayla Boyer-Echavez, Our Operations Superstar

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In a moment filled with pride, we unveil the video submission of Kayla Boyer-Echavez, nominated for the esteemed TMAA Operations Team Member of the Year Award. Kayla, a vital force within Trafficwerx NT, has recently ascended from a Casual Traffic Controller to Operations Coordinator, and now she proudly holds the position of Office Manager.

A Passion Passed Through Generations:

With four years immersed in the world of Trafficwerx NT, Kayla’s journey echoes not only her personal growth but also a familial passion deeply rooted in the traffic management industry.

From Casual to Coordinator:

Trace Kayla’s transformative journey, commencing as a Casual Traffic Controller and seamlessly evolving into the pivotal role of Operations Coordinator. Her growth mirrors the success story of Trafficwerx NT’s projects over the past four years.

Commitment to Smooth Operations:

At the core of Kayla’s responsibilities lies an unwavering commitment to ensuring smooth, safe, compliant, and efficient operations. Her role involves meticulous resource allocation to optimise efficiency across the board.

Building Strong Teams:

Kayla excels in matching Traffic Controllers, forming robust teams, and managing vehicle assignments. Her efforts not only boost morale but also contribute significantly to the overall efficiency of our operations.

Innovations for Efficiency:

Beyond day-to-day tasks, Kayla has introduced innovative initiatives such as digital guides, in-house systems, and performance training. These measures elevate the skills and efficiency of our team, enhancing our overall operational capacity.

Proud Contributor to Project Execution:

Acknowledging her role as a major contributor to project execution and day-to-day operations, Kayla stands as a cornerstone of Trafficwerx NT’s success.

A Grateful Nominee:

As a finalist for the Operations Team Member of the Year Award, Kayla expresses gratitude for the recognition and extends her best wishes to all nominees at the TMAA Excellence Awards.

Watch Kayla’s Video Here:

Kayla Boyer-Echavez exemplifies the spirit of excellence at Trafficwerx NT. Her journey from Casual Traffic Controller to Operations Team Member nominee showcases not only personal growth but also the strength and efficiency of our operations.

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