Uniting for Safer Roads: Reflecting on National Road Safety Week

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National Road Safety Week (NRSW) serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility in ensuring safer roads for everyone. From 5th to 12th May, Trafficwerx NT proudly stood alongside this nationwide initiative, advocating for responsible driving and honouring those affected by road accidents.

Driving Change: A Weekend of Commitment

Our NT Chairperson, Chris Boyer, recently attended the Tasmania Launch of National Road Safety Week in Hobart. Alongside esteemed figures like Peter Frazer, President of SARAH Group, and government representatives, Chris emphasised the theme “All road safety is local – Drive So Others Survive.” It’s a reminder of our individual roles in making roads safer for all.

National Road Safety Week Photo in Tasmania for the National Launch

A Symbol of Remembrance: The Yellow Ribbon Campaign

The yellow ribbon isn’t simply a symbol; it’s a heartfelt tribute to lives lost and affected by road accidents. As part of National Road Safety Week NRSW, SARAH Group encourages us to drive responsibly, ensuring every journey prioritises safety. Let’s honour the past and protect the future by driving so others survive.

Yellow Ribbon displayed on the windscreen of a work ute

Inspirational Voices in Road Safety

In March, Trafficwerx NT had the privilege of meeting Peter Rubinstein and Peter Fraser, dedicated individuals enhancing road safety in Australia. Their commitment to responsible driving inspires us all, highlighting the importance of collaboration in creating safer roads.

TMAA Excellence Awards with Peter from RADD, Peter from SARAH Group and Chris from Trafficwerx NT and TMAA.

Taking the Pledge: Committing to Safer Driving

We pledge to drive as if our loved ones are on the road ahead. This pledge encompasses removing distractions, never using mobile phones while driving, avoiding risky behaviours like speeding or driving under the influence, and protecting vulnerable road users.

Empowering Conversations Through Creativity

National Road Safety Week colouring sheets offer a creative way to discuss road safety with young ones. Through fun designs and discussions about safe road practices, we empower children with the knowledge they need to stay safe.

Yellow Ribbon, SARAH Group and National Road Safety Week merchandise

Join the Movement: Display the Yellow Ribbon

Whether personally or professionally, displaying the yellow ribbon symbolises commitment to road safety. Join us in spreading the message to drive so others survive by proudly wearing the ribbon and being part of the movement for safer roads.

Road Safety Beyond a Week: Continuing the Conversation

As National Road Safety Week concludes, let’s remember that road safety is a continuous responsibility. Our NRSW merchandise will be available throughout May, encouraging ongoing awareness. Together, through creative outlets and visual reminders, we can drive change and make road safety conversations easier.

Trafficwerx NT emphasises its dedication to promoting road safety and supporting initiatives like National Road Safety Week and the SARAH Group. Through collaboration and commitment, we can create safer roads for everyone. Please take the pledge and join us in a commitment for safer roads, now, during NRSW, and always.