Samantha Eveleigh: Making History in the Traffic Management Industry

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We are incredibly proud to share the inspiring journey of Samantha Eveleigh, a true trailblazer in the Traffic Management industry. At the recent TMAA Annual Awards, Sam achieved a remarkable feat by securing two out of the three accolades. Crowned Indigenous Traffic Controller of the Year 2022 and National Traffic Controller of the Year 2022, her accomplishments caught the attention of National Indigenous TV, who approached her for an interview to shed light on her achievements and the impactful work she does in communities.

6 Years at TWX

Sam has been an invaluable member of the Trafficwerx NT team for the past six years. Throughout her tenure, she has excelled in her role as a Traffic Controller, catching the attention of Chris Boyer, the Director of Trafficwerx NT. Recognizing her potential, Chris encouraged Sam to pursue her WZ1 tickets, granting her the opportunity to become a Traffic Management Designer. Initially uncertain about her ability to complete the rigorous five-day course, which included challenging assessments, Sam pushed past her doubts and successfully obtained her certification. She can now implement changes on-site to ensure the utmost safety for all road users, workers, and pedestrians.

Expressing her deep passion for working in Traffic Control, Sam emphasizes how the ever-changing outdoor environment perfectly suits her career aspirations. She also cherishes the opportunity to work remotely and in various communities. Sam fondly recounts how young people approach her with curiosity about her job, which she utilizes as a platform to promote safe road practices in communities that may not otherwise receive such vital information. She highlights the vast potential within the Traffic Management field, emphasizing how it can serve as an entry-level job leading to roles in design and even civil construction.

Indigenous Employment 

Sam, an Aboriginal woman based in Darwin, proudly traces her ancestry to Galiiwin’ku, the home of the Yolngu people. Recognizing the underrepresentation of Indigenous individuals in the industry, she hopes that her prestigious awards will inspire more Indigenous people to pursue their own certifications and embark on successful careers in Traffic Management. Importantly, Sam emphasizes the existence of employment services that can assist with startup costs, including course fees and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Road Safety

Road safety has always been Sam’s top priority. She is renowned for going above and beyond to ensure that the right people are promptly informed if a potential incident arises. Even outside of work hours, she diligently checks her own setups, mitigating risks and preventing incidents. It is this unwavering dedication, coupled with her comprehensive knowledge of Traffic Management and strong relationships with major civil construction companies, that has earned her these prestigious awards. Sam remains committed to using her voice to advocate for improved working conditions and increased opportunities for Indigenous individuals entering the workforce.

We invite you to watch Sam’s inspiring interview by clicking here.