Trafficwerx NT: Supporting National Road Safety Week 2023 with a Vibrant Transformation

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At the beginning of this year, Trafficwerx NT proudly sponsored the SARAH Group and National Road Safety Week, actively promoting road safety and striving to make a difference. Our fleet of Utes proudly displays a yellow ribbon on each windscreen, symbolizing our staff’s commitment to driving in a manner that protects and saves lives. We encourage others to join us in this pledge, working together to ensure everyone’s safety on the road.

Northern Territory

The road fatality rate in the Northern Territory is four times higher than the national average, with 52 lives tragically lost on NT roads last year. These accidents are primarily caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to wear seat belts, and speeding. As leaders in the road safety industry, we recognize the critical importance of taking every possible measure to keep people safe on the roads. Our top priority is the safety of over 35 dedicated Traffic Controllers who work tirelessly on NT roads every day. Obeying work zone regulations is vital to protect both road workers and motorists. We kindly request that you treat our Traffic Controllers with respect and kindness, just as you would expect in your own workplace. If you have any genuine concerns, please contact us directly as soon as it is safe to do so.

National Road Safety Week

Throughout May, we transformed our iconic orange and black branding to teal and yellow, representing National Road Safety Week. This change aims to spark curiosity and encourage people to inquire about the reason behind it. Our goal is to raise awareness and prompt individuals to reconsider their driving habits, ultimately leading to safer roads for everyone. To honor the 52 lives lost in the NT last year, we displayed 52 candles and invited others to take the pledge to drive for the survival of others. Additionally, our office was beautifully illuminated in yellow throughout the month, and our staff proudly wore yellow ribbon lapel pins.


Last year, in collaboration with CGC, Trafficwerx NT organized the first-ever road safety GameJam. We invited game developers from the NT and beyond to create games with a road safety theme. Within a month, 26 developers submitted an impressive 13 games. The event culminated in an awards ceremony attended by game developers, local authorities, and other civil construction companies. Now, one year later, we hope these games can serve as effective tools for families and educational institutions to instill safe driving practices in young individuals and make them consider the consequences of dangerous driving.

While road safety goes beyond a single national week, we believe that our extensive promotion of the campaign, the incorporation of its branding, and the presence of the pledge in our reception area initiate crucial conversations. By sparking thought and driving change, we aspire to make safe driving the new normal across Australia. After all, safe road users, workers, and pedestrians alike yearn for the same thing—a secure and protected journey.

To learn more about the SARAH Group, we invite you to watch the heartbreaking story of Sarah and how her father, Peter Frazer, dedicated his life to making Australian roads safer.