TMAA Welcome Drinks: A Night of Networking and Fun

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As Trafficwerx NT, we were thrilled to attend the TMAA Welcome Drinks on Thursday, 14th March, which marked the beginning of the highly anticipated TMAA Conference. Dressed in our matching fluorescent tropical shirts, we added our own touch of humour to the event, paying homage to our tropical Darwin roots and the Northern Territory’s distinctive PPE style.

Hosted at the TMAA Exhibition in the Benowa Foyer, the evening was filled with vibrant energy, networking opportunities, and insightful speakers. Though the dress code was “safe casual,” we couldn’t resist the chance to participate in the “best dressed” competition, sponsored and judged by A1 Roadlines Pty Ltd.

Fancy Dress Traffic Cone outfit and our two office dogs in stop and slow bandanas for our Networking night.

Competing for the prize of TradeMutt vouchers, the competition was fierce. We were delighted when Jude from Workzone Traffic Management stole the spotlight with her dazzling PPE dress. Our own team members also made waves, with our supervisor Chris Pettit donning a whimsical witch’s hat costume and our safety pawfficers, Kali and Chocky, charming the crowd with their stop and slow bandanas, securing second and third prizes respectively.

Beyond the excitement of the competition, the Welcome Drinks provided us with invaluable opportunities to connect and collaborate with industry leaders. Stands from companies like Traffio, Mitsubishi, Innov8, and RPM Hire showcased the latest innovations and facilitated discussions on pressing industry issues.

The evening’s programme featured opening speeches from the Conference MC, TradeMutt representatives, and A1 Roadlines Pty Ltd, setting the stage for engaging discussions and sessions planned for the conference. As anticipation grew for the upcoming TMAA Excellence Awards, we enjoyed mingling and networking, forging new connections and strengthening existing partnerships.

Held at the prestigious Royal Pines Resort in the Gold Coast, the TMAA Welcome Drinks provided the perfect setting for both professional networking and casual camaraderie. We were proud to be part of an event that celebrated the dedication and passion of the traffic management community, fostering knowledge-sharing, celebration of achievements, and inspiration.

5 of our team members at the networking event. Sat on the stairs and matching in orange tropical shirts.

As the evening concluded, we reflected on the success of the event, grateful for the opportunity to participate and excited to carry the momentum into the rest of the conference. We extend heartfelt thanks to Matthew and the entire TMAA team for organising such an incredible evening. We look forward to future gatherings and continued collaboration within the industry. In summary, the TMAA Welcome Drinks was not only a celebration of the traffic management community but also a testament to the spirit of innovation, camaraderie, and excellence that defines our industry.